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Valentine Shmalentine! How About “Galentine,” Ladies?


“Love your ladies, ladies!”

So says Nellie  –  who is a regular woman, like the rest of us – a mom and, well, just a normal person.

But she’s speaking out to remind women to appreciate each other:  CELEBRATE GALENTINES DAY!

Nellie offers cards you can print, for free, HERE.  She says:

Throw the traditional Valentine’s Day ideas out the window, and celebrate the love affair you have with yourself.

Here are my suggestions, for how to stay sane, and enjoy a very special Anti-Valentine’s Day.

10 Ways To Celebrate Galentines Day

1.  Grab a couple of your closest girlfriends and enjoy a SPA DAY.  After the spa, go home and put on your little black dress for a night of dinner and dancing with the ladies.  Time is dwindling, so start making reservations as soon as possible.

Or, how about a SHOPPING DAY at BARE MOXIE, ladies? 

Because “Buying a Bra Should Be An Adventure…  It Should Be FUN, Empowering and Uplifting!
Life’s Too Short for Boring Bras!”

2.  Is there a book you really wanted to read, but never found time to explore?  Head over to the library or to your local bookstore and get it! Spend February 14th enriching your mind (even if it is a romance novel).  Pick up a bottle of your favorite wine on the way home and commit to an evening of wine and reading.

3.  Go buy yourself a piece of jewelry.  But not just any piece of jewelry, something special.  A signet ring.  Maybe a right hand ring.  Or a fancy cocktail ring!  (You’re absolutely right, you can never go wrong with something from Tiffany & Co.)

4.  Spend the evening with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.  Gather a couple of your friends and host a Single in the City party.  Create some signature drinks, sassy little hors d’uvres, and enjoy Sex and the City.

5.  Start a blog!  Blogger, WordPress and Squarespace have been calling your name for months, but you’ve yet to answer.  February 14 — this your day!  Start an on-line journal about yourself, a hobby, your favorite celebrity, fashion – anything your heart desires.

6.  Go to The Frisky, start reading and comment.  Articles range from relationship topics, to gossip about your favorite celebrities and even how to get your wardrobe in order.

7.  Find a new hobby.  Knitting, scrap-booking, candle making, jewelry making and photography are a few favorites among young professionals.

8.  Go to your local SPCA and adopt a furry friend.

9.  Go your local magazine stand.  Pick up the latest celebrity gossip magazines.  Order takeout. Kick back and enjoy getting caught up on the lives of others.

10.  Ignore Valentine’s Day altogether.  You can even give people wearing red a dirty look or scoff loudly as you walk into stores with V-Day stuff everywhere!  (If you do this please take video! LOL)

No matter what you decide to do, just remember to have fun.  There is nothing wrong with checking out a local restaurant – then coming home to a bottle of Prosecco and a good chic-lit book.

It’s another fun FRISKY FRIDAY – Valentine Edition!

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Because “Buying a Bra Should Be An Adventure…  It Should Be FUN, Empowering and Uplifting!
Life’s Too Short for Boring Bras!


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