Toby Keith Shares Video on the Day of his Death – of an Unforgettable Final Performance

As country music fans grieve the passing of Toby Keith, there’s a special gift he’s left behind for us all.

Whether he knew it was coming or not, his farewell social media message ended a long and successful career.

The Instagram video – posted on the day of his death – shows Keith raising his guitar to a mob of screaming admirers, as the drums roll.  The spotlight highlights him.

Toby captioned the post, “And that’s a wrap on the weekend, y’all.  Back to it.”

Fans took to the comments to mourn the singer.  One person commented, “Couldn’t imagine being in that crowd and waking up the next day realizing you just saw him for the last time…devastating.”  Another wrote, “The people watching this had no idea how lucky they were to be there….

What is your best memory of Toby Keith?  How did Toby Keith impact your life?

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