Stephen Colbert Tells Paul Rudd He Would ‘Murder’ for Taylor Swift

Funny-scary but truly sweet:

Stephen Colbert shared a heartwarming story on The Late Show, about how Taylor Swift‘s kindness toward his daughter (at the Grammys in 2008) left a lasting impact on him.

Colbert exaggeratedly expressed his loyalty to Swift, told actor Paul Rudd that he would go to crazy-extreme lengths to make her happy, because of her kindness.  “Taylor was so nice to her that, to this day, I would murder for her if she wanted me to,” said Colbert.  “I’m like, ‘Whatever you want, my queen,’” he added.  “‘I will murder for you.’

Rudd also discussed his admiration for Swift, and the positive impact she has had on the NFL, since she began dating Travis Kelce:  “I see those stories about the dads and their daughters, and their interests in watching the games together.  I get all choked up watching it,” said Rudd.

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