(Photo by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Kids Severely Burned in “Squid Games” Candy Challenge


A hospital had issued a warning to parents of children who watch the hit Netflix show ‘Squid Games’:  Be very wary and ultra-careful of the dalgona candy-cooking method!

Dalgona is a South Korean candy, made from melted sugar.  It was recently featured on the show.  And now, a new “Dalgona Candy Challenge” encourages viewers to make their own candy, by carving out a shape without breaking it.

However, some kids have suffered from serious burns in the process of making the candy, as “sugar melts at a temperature that is higher than what’s needed to boil water.”  Doctors urge parents to supervise their children – especially in the kitchen.


  • A new “Dalgona Candy Challenge” inspired by the hit show ‘Squid Games’ has resulted in an uptick of children with burns going to the hospital
  • The challenge requires viewers to make their own dalgona candy by melting sugar at a very high temperature
  • Parents are encouraged to supervise their kids in the kitchen
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