Scotty McCreery’s “Lucky Jersey” Gets NC State into the Final Four?

Sports Superstition…

Are you the type to do something, wear something, not shave, wear a cap backward, or eat something specific…  maybe even do things in a certain order, to ensure your team wins?

Then you and Scotty McCreery have something in common.

McCreery, who is part of the North Carolina State Wolfpack, wore his lucky Wolfpack jersey during the team’s game against Duke University, despite the fact that it was 80 degrees in Raleigh.

And it seems as though McCreery’s hoodie brought the team luck, as they beat the Duke Blue Devils, 76-64.

NC State University advanced to the Final Four, and will play number one, Purdue University, on Saturday, April 6th…  We’re sure Scotty will have his hoodie on.

[My husband went to Purdue, and he will, too LOL ~ Mo]

What do you do to make sure your team wins?

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