Scotty McCreery on his Relationship with Lauren Alaina: ‘She’s Still Like a …’

Scotty McCreery says he is still good friends with Lauren Alaina.

They met on American Idol Season 10.  McCreery won in 2011, and Alaina was the runner-up.

Despite their busy careers and different locations, the young father loves every chance he gets to spend with Alaina.  “She’s still like a sister to me,” McCreery tells Star City Broadcasting.  “I never made the move to Nashville, so I don’t see her or too many artists that often.  I’m still in Carolina.  But any chance I get to see her, it’s like catching up right where we left off.  I think I’ll always be like a brother to her, and she’ll always be like a sister to me.  We went through that show together.  Nobody, no matter how much you talk about it, nobody can truly get what it was like, unless you were right there.”

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Stagecoach)


Did you ever meet someone during an intense time, and they became a life-long friend?  Share your story.

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