Scents Bring Back Sense:  Aromatherapy Doubles Memory?  YES
Study:  Fragrance Therapy Improves Memory by 226%

Fragrance therapy can improve memory, in older adults, by 226%.  So shows a recent University of California study.

Fragrances were used in participants’ bedrooms, for two hours per night, for six months.

Those who received the aromatherapy showed a 226% increase in cognitive capacity… way more than double.

This non-invasive technique could strengthen memory, and help those who suffer with dementia.

The olfactory sense has the special privilege of being directly connected to the brain’s memory circuits,” investigator Michael Yassa says.  “Everyone has experienced how powerful aromas are in evoking recollections, even from very long ago.”

(Sniff out a little more, here:  Study Finds)

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