Puppy Love Star Lucy Hale Reveals Why Her Dog Is Named Channing Tatum

Grant Gustin and Lucy Hale are the stars of the romantic comedy, Puppy Love, which centers on dog owners Nicole (Hale) and Max (Gustin), who are forced to interact and reignite their relationship after a disastrous date – at which their dogs fall in love.

Hale now offers an explanation, why her character’s dog is named “Channing Tatum,” rather than the more fitting “Mutt Damon,” during an interview with TVInsider.

Is it because that’s who the Nicole wants to say she falls asleep next to?  😉

Hale said, “So we had a lot of names that we went through, but there were a couple of scenes that, unfortunately, didn’t make the cut of the movie, that fill in that blank.  But it’s kind of funny that the first time you hear, it is Grant saying, ‘Oh, this must be Channing Tatum,’ when we meet.  And you’re like, ‘Wait, what?‘”

She continued, “But some of the other ones ranged from Mark Ruffalo to Mutt Damon.  Mutt Damon is really good. I don’t know who eventually decided on Channing Tatum, but it’s pretty funny. There are a lot of one-liners with the name that makes it hysterical.”

What’s the most unique dog name you ever heard before?

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