One Out of Three of Us Says Hard-Stop ‘No’ to THIS
Dining Out:  One-Third of Americans Say No to Splitting the Bill  
33% of Americans don’t think the bill should be split evenly, if the meals don’t cost the same.  So shows a survey of 2,000 adults.

The survey was conducted by the restaurant group, Fogo de Chão.

It reveals that 67% of those in a relationship don’t want to share their meal with a partner.

And 48% have tried to sneak some food off someone else’s plate, rather than share or trade.

So, when it comes to sharing etiquette, 23% say you should stick the food on someone else’s fork.  And 22% suggest we put the food on a separate plate.

However, sharing food does have benefits, like finding out that you like something new.

49% of respondents said that they have completely swapped plates, after they decided that they liked someone else’s meal better.

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