One of the Best Ways to Save Money – and our Climate – Is to Stop Wasting Food…  Here’s Why
Fight to Curb Food Waste Increasingly Turns to Science

30% more companies are beefing up efforts to wipe out food waste for good.

Around $418 billion worth of food gets wasted each year in the United States.

And this is all while the spoiled food then releases planet-warming chemicals into the atmosphere.

Startups are hoping to solve the global issue by diverting food from landfills into leftover containers, and treating delicate fruits or veggies with solutions that extend their shelf life.

Meanwhile, top personal financial advisors, like Suze Ormon, advise that you buy only the food you need, and make meals out of what you’ve got.

Lunchrooms should not just hand out produce which will get immediately tossed, unless it’s asked for.  You get the idea.  Tossing perfectly good food is throwing dollars in the garbage.  We should teach our kids to be more mindful.

And everyone should tour a landfill, at least once.   It’s a life-changing sight, a wasteful site.

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