New App Will Pay You $ to Go Vegan

If you’re the type who needs some incentive to try new things (or just a really good scrimper and saver), here’s a new app for you; this one pays you to eat vegan.

The Pay-A-Vegan app will launch in China, this week.  It will reward members who order plant-based meals, while dining out.  All users need to do is upload their restaurant receipt.  If the scan finds at least one vegan menu item, you get paid $1.  It’s like you’re getting compensated for taking a survey, in which you actually follow through on the option you say you would take.

Post magazine says the app will research vegan menu item purchases – and will share the most popular items with restaurants which are not yet ready to go full-on vegan.  The goal is to get restaurateurs to add more vegan options to their menus.

If you knew you could make a buck here and there to go vegan would you order more plant-based meals?  Which food do you wish you could get paid to eat?  Do you think that people who may have doubts about vegan dining options will take a chance on plant-based foods thanks to the app?

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