Morgan Wallen Draws a Fan’s First-Ever Tattoo

A Morgan Wallen fan, named Emily, wanted her first tattoo to be hand-drawn by her favorite singer.

And, since she had great seats at Wallen’s recent show in Toronto, Canada, she created a sign for Wallen.  The poster she made asked the question, “Can you draw my first tattoo?”

Emily included a boxed area for Wallen to draw his tattoo design.  She held up her sign.  Wallen grabbed the cardboard sign and a Sharpie (now let’s call that thing a “fan-tatt-stick“), and got to work.

Wallen drew the tattoo quickly, with the new ink to read:  “Love Ya -M -W.”

It was laid out like this:    Love Ya

– M –

– W –

Later, Emily shared a video of the tattoo on her arm.

What was your first tattoo?

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