LIVE SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Here Are Six Holiday Traditions We May Get Rid of for Good

Some holiday traditions are going to be dropped this year, it’s just inevitable.  But there are some that we don’t really want to bring back, according to a new survey.  The top three we’re fine saying goodbye to forever are:  Big, complicated dinners . . . so much traveling . . . and dressing up.


The holidays are going to look different, in a lot of ways, this year . . . and that means we’re all going to have to relax, when it comes to some of our former traditions.

And for a bunch of us, we’re pretty much fine with using this as an excuse to never bring them back.  A new survey reveals the top six traditions we will be dropping this year . . . and say they wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to, forever.

Check ’em out . . .

1.  Big, complicated dinners.

2.  So much traveling.

3.  Dressing up.

4.  Waking up early.

5.  Having big groups of guests come over.

6.  Making different foods for different guests.

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