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Kris Bryant Loses Grievance Case Against Cubs. Will He Be Traded?

Cubs officials have been waiting months to get the official word on Kris Bryant’s Grievance Case to determine if they have one or two years of club control. Word just came in, the answer is 2 years of Club Control. Many are speculating the Cubs Superstar may now be traded to get the Cubs under the Luxury Tax Threshold. There have been rumors that he turned down at least one offer of more than $200 Million. Three of the Cubs Superstars Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, & Javier Baez are under contract for the next 2 years. Can they afford to keep all 3? Kris Bryant’s current salary ($18.6 Million) if he was traded would put the Cubs below the $208 Million Luxury Tax. The formula is complicated as to what a team would pay after 3 years of being over that level. The Cubs have made it clear they don’t want to pay the penalty. So what’s next, a possible trade for a leadoff hitter (CF) and some young starting pitching. It will be curious to see what now happens after a fairly quiet off season for the Cubs.

Here’s the complete story from Sports Naut.

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