Kelly Clarkson Comforts a Young Fan with Cancer

Kelly Clarkson met a 10-year-old fan, who battles cancer, at a concert – and had an emotional moment with her, on the TODAY Show plaza.

Camila, a 10-year-old fan, was diagnosed with brain cancer at just 18 months.  She went to the “Stronger” singer’s concert on September 22nd.

And TODAY’s Hoda Kotb interviewed Camila, who sent a message to Clarkson, through Hoda:  “If you ever see Kelly Clarkson again, can you tell her that I’m her biggest fan?”  Camila, who’s from Paterson, New Jersey, told Hoda at the time:  “I really love her song ‘Stronger’ because that song actually made me get through my cancer.”

Little Camila started crying when she actually got to meet Clarkson.  She had brought with her a Moxy doll – that’s the character which Clarkson voiced for the 2019 film “UglyDolls.”  Camilla explained that the doll reminded her of herself.  She told Clarkson she struggles to find friends – and gets bullied for her baldness.

Clarkson comforted her, saying, “You’re definitely not alone.  A lot of us struggle with finding your people, your friends and your school and stuff.  And hey, that happens to all of us.  You are not alone in that, OK?  I was the same way.”

How has Kelly Clarkson’s song “Stronger” impacted your life?

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