Keep Your Pumpkins Fresh for Halloween – Here’s How
So fun to see all the jack-o-lanterns, around, for Halloween.  But if you want to keep your carved pumpkin fresh, till Halloween and maybe beyond, here are some good ways to prevent your creation from collapsing into mush.

A professional pumpkin sculptor, Szimonetta Zombori, shares her top five tips.

First, choose a healthy pumpkin.

Next, give it a bleach bath…  while you wear protective gloves, of course.  Zombori recommends you use one tablespoon of bleach for one gallon of water, to wash that gourd.

Dry your pumpkin, and store it outside.  Storing pumpkins inside will cause them to collapse faster.

You can also spray your spooky carving, inside and out, with lemon water.  This preserves it fairly well, and smells pretty good.

Then give it a coat of petroleum jelly (like Vaseline), for extra protection – and a nifty shine.

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