ABC/Image Group LA Kacey Musgraves‘ new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, All of the Colors, traces her career through photos, fashions, awards and other artifacts.

At Monday’s opening in Nashville, the Golden Hour phenomenon was excited to recognize two people who’ve been crucial to her success: her grandparents, Barbara and Darrell Musgraves.

“That lady right there was my first booking agent,” Kacey said as she recognized her nana from the podium in the Hall’s rotunda. “She was ready with a press kit… at all times to sling to anybody who would care to hear it. And even if they didn’t care to hear it, she was gonna give it to you.”

“She would just pick up the phone. Gigantic balls of steel! Sorry,” Kacey apologized, as the crowd broke out in laughter.

“She’d say, ‘Now I have someone, I have an entertainer for your event,” Kacey recalled, lowering her voice into a whisper. “‘It’s my granddaughter.’ And nine times out of ten, it worked.”

Kacey’s grandfather encouraged her love of music by giving her access to his collection of thousand of records.

“I guess I was in middle school,” she explained, “and he thought it’d be cool if he set me up a turntable. I would come home after school, and I’d be bored and I would dig through all the vinyl.”

“And I didn’t really know what I was picking out or what I was looking at… But I would pick out something because I liked the cover, and then I would just listen to it to see what it sounded like.”

“And I remember one of those was the Byrds’ Sweetheart of the Rodeo. And I loved the cowgirl on the front.”

Kacey’s exhibit is set to run through June of next year.

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