Kacey Musgraves Cringes Over her Wardrobe Malfunction on SNL

Live TV is no easy endeavor.  And you can’t edit-on-the-fly.

Saturday night, Kacey Musgraves had what some are calling “a wardrobe malfunction.” on SNL.  And fans criticized her manager on social media, for not informing her.

Kacey shared a screenshot of her appearance, pointing out a mistake with a blue hair clip visible in her hair.  “The clip.  I forgot to remove the clip,” she captioned the photo with an annoyed-face emoji.

Fans also accused Kacey’s co-star, Sydney Sweeny, of imitating plastic surgery, with her outfit choice.   Some called her out for a “BBL corset” wardrobe fail, with viewers commenting on her interesting outfit choice, for an SNL promo.

Haven’t we got better ways to spend our time, than social media criticism?

Have you suffered a wardrobe malfunction?  Share your story.

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