If You Have Attractive Parents You Are More Likely to Get Rich?

Study:  People With Attractive Parents More Likely to Get Rich

The children of good-looking parents are more like to become wealthy, than the offspring of unattractive parents.  That’s according to a new study, from The National Bureau of Economic Research.

It’s titled “The Economic Impact of Heritable Physical Traits:  Hot Parents, Rich Kid?”  And it reveals that people with attractive parents earn an average of $2,300 more per year than those with average-looking or unattractive parents.  The study used certain metrics to determine “good” looks, versus others.

Labor economist Daniel S. Hamermesh, a co-author of the study, says the increased money-making potential isn’t just about looks; it’s about money-making skills.  “Good-looking parents make more money,” and he says, “The effects of looks on money have been shown countless times.  Their beauty affects their income, and they pass that income-earning ability down to their kids.”

In other words, if people find you pleasing to look at, they are more likely to spend time or money with you.

Do you have any examples that support the results of this study?

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