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Here’s How Much of What You Worry About Actually Comes True…

Are you someone who’s constantly worried about everything?  This study might actually change your perspective on life.  Seriously.

Researchers at Penn State University wanted to figure out how much of the stuff we worry about is actually WORTH worrying about.

So they asked 29 people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder to keep a journal of everything they worried about for 10 days.  And then after three weeks they checked on how many of those worries came true.

The result?  91.4% of the stuff people worried about didn’t come true . . . only 8.6% did.  In other words, less than one in 10 things you worry about is probably worth worrying about.

And there’s more:  The most common percentage of worries, which came true, for people in the study, was . . . 0%.  So while some people in the study did have worries come true, a lot of them didn’t have a SINGLE bad thing actually happen.  

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