George Strait Imposter Scams Woman Out of $900:  “I Was Denying It”

North Dakota Woman Scammed by George Strait Imposter Out of $900:  “I Was Denying It”


Several fans have gotten scammed by imposters who pose as celebrities…  and they pretend to be some of the biggest superstars.

This has actually become so common, that the country music industry has created public service announcement (“PSAs”), to warn fans about getting scammed by someone who will pretend to be their favorite music artist.

And, despite all that, there are still people falling for scams like Cynthia Kile of Fargo, North Dakota.  Kile fell for an imposter – who pretended to be George Strait – and lost $900.

Kile was asked to join a George Strait fan club (no connection to Strait, whatsoever).  Then she was asked to pay a fee to join, and an additional fee, when she was asked to become “vice president.”

I knew what to do, but when it actually happened… I was denying it,” said Kile.

Thankfully, her boyfriend stepped in, and stopped the payments from going to the imposter.

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