Science can’t tell you what exactly what you should wear on a first date, as that’d be nearly impossible to measure, but it can give us a few cues.  A study from 2008, for example, found that (as of 11 years ago) men really are attracted to women who wear red, compared to every other color of clothing.

Another study reveals that, what you’re wearing, actually impacts your brain.  So, wearing high heels, for example, might cause a woman to act more flirty.  And the type of suit a man wears could impact the level of confidence and success he projects to others.

Also, a 2011 study shows that wearing a moderate amount of makeup is better than slathering it on, or wearing none at all.

Ultimately, though, wearing clothes which reflect your personality, and make you feel comfortable and confident, are the best ones for a first date.

Here’s the complete story from Huffington Post.

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