FRISKY FRIDAY UP-FRONT:  ‘Hardballing’ – Is It Good for Dating or Bad?
There’s Actually a Good Dating Trend – Called ‘Hardballing’

There are many dating behaviors with clever nicknames, such as “Ghosting,” and “Pocketing,” that are associated with not-so-great behaviors.

But the latest trend, dubbed “hardballing,” is actually a good thing.  The term refers to explaining to someone all of your expectations upfront before you even go on a first date with them.

The intention is that you won’t waste time and can weed out anyone who may not be as serious about a relationship as you are.

Relationship expert Susan Winter says “hardballing” can be helpful to give the other person a “clear and definite vision” for your potential future together; and tell you “exactly what you’re getting,” when you choose to date someone.

To properly “hardball,” Winter says you should use “clear cut, thoughtful, tactful and diplomatic language.

She adds that at first hardballing may seem top harsh; but that “its truthful” and can potentially “alleviate unnecessary heartbreak.”

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  • A new dating trend is called “hardballing,” and it’s when you tell a person what you are looking for in a relationship up front, before you even go on a first date, so that everyone is clear on what your hopes and expectations are—experts suggest you use “clear cut, thoughtful, tactful, and diplomatic language” to do this
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