FRISKY FRIDAY FUR?  Women Are Getting More Comfortable with Keeping More Body Hair

Fur real?  Yep.  22% of women now say they are just fine letting their leg, armpit, or bikini line hair grow.  That’s one out of every four or five ladies.  

The Philips survey of 2,000 women also reveals that 14% say body and facial hair are forms of self-expression.  And are how their bodies are designed, for legitimate, natural reasons – like perspiration or protection from elements.  

About half of women report they are concerned about skin irritation, caused by hair removal products – particularly intended for the face.  “Incorrect facial hair removal can lead to hyperpigmentation, irritation and, in the worst-case scenario, even scarring,” Dr. Kemi Fabusiwa said.

Women reported using scissors, tweezers, or even their nails to remove facial hair.

There is no similar social pressure for men to manage body hair, in particular, like there is – and has been for so long – for women.

(Learn more, here:  Study Finds)

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