FRISKY FRIDAY FRAUDULENT FEASTER:  TikToker Says Dinner Dates All Week Save HER Money
Woman Says She Saves $15,000 By Going on Dinner Dates…  But What About her Reputation?  Soul?

Save some money, and meet the love of your life!  TikToker Vivian Tu claims she has saved $15,000 in food bills since moving to New York…  by going on six dates a week.

Now, my parents would have called that a form of selling oneself…  or, even a financial foe, of sorts.  And it’s got to cost a bit, to dress up and do the hair, makeup, nails, etc.

Still, Tu, known as @YourRichBF (of course she is) on TikTok, claims to have saved $150 per week, by swiping right.  (Don’t you also have to pay for membership in that dating app?)

She claims she didn’t start online dating just for the free grub.  But Tu says she quickly noticed how much strain it took off of her wallet.

Believe it or not:  Tu says she’s still in it to find “The One.”  “Deliberately going on dates for a free meal isn’t a great idea,” Tu said.  “I am very much in the camp that you’re dating to find love.”

Are you?

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