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FRISKY FRIDAY FUR or FEATHER or FIN: Which Pets Help or Hurt Your Dating Chances, the Most?

Skeleton tarantula

DATE SMARTER NOT HARDER:  When you date someone with a pet, whether you like it or not, you’re also dating that pet.  Think about it.

According to a new survey, half of people say they’re more likely to want to date someone with a dog.  Half.

But that’s the ONLY pet that really helps your dating life.  Here’s a full breakdown:

1.  Dog – makes 50% more willing to date you, 9% less willing.

2.  Cat – makes 35% more willing, 30% less willing.

3.  Horse – makes 33% more willing, 16% less willing.

4.  Parrot – makes 21% more willing, 28% less willing.

5.  Miniature pig – makes 15% more willing, 39% less willing.

6.  Hamster – makes 15% more willing, 26% less willing.

7.  Snake – makes 7% more willing, 59% less willing.

8.  Tarantula – makes 6% more willing, 59% less willing.

Pair up with more, here:  (YouGov)  


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