FRISKY FRIDAY FINDING:  Are Wives Less or More Attracted to Husbands after Age 40?
Waist photo of man and woman holding hands while sitting on a couch
Study:  Women Are Less Attracted to their Husbands after Age 40

A new study suggests that women are less turned on by their husbands, after age 40.

However, there’s more:  A woman’s libido stays healthy well into her 80’s (and solo play remains unchanged).  The study was conducted by German and Scottish scientists and surveyed 8,000 people.

To get to the bottom of things, sex therapist Phillip Hodson has a theory as to why this might happen:  “After 40, women often have the confidence and time to enjoy better sex while men don’t see the need to change things,” he said.  That’s a pretty broad, sweeping generalization…  But it was a large study.

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