FRISKY FRIDAY FEEL BETTER:  At Least Half of Women Get THIS in the Shower
More Than Half – 52% – of Women Get Their ‘Me Time’ in the Shower 
A little more than one out of every two women say they only get “me time” when they take a shower; so shows a survey of 1,000 women, ages 18 to 35.  But if your thoughts just went in the toilet, get them back to the shower.  

And about four out of five (79%) feel they need some “alone time,” right now.  Showers help respondents mentally process stressors, feelings, and ups and downs of the day.

Get this:  One in six women have imagined themselves winning an argument, while taking a shower.

A shower is more than just a way to get clean, it’s an escape that provides physical and emotional benefits,” Dr. Maiysha Jones of Olay said.

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Where do you go, to get some alone time?  

Maybe just cry it out, work it out?

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