FRISKY FRIDAY FAR-AWAY:  Does Absence Make Your Heart Grow Fonder?
At least one out of three partnered people are not only OK with a little separation, but actually embrace it.
A new survey reveals that 36% of Americans with partners appreciate when their better half isn’t home.  Though, it isn’t clear if that makes them happier to re-unite.  
2,000 adults were asked how they felt about this.  They said that, it’s partly because they don’t have to share a bed.

More than four out of five (82%) of respondents say that their partner’s sleeping habits wake them up.  Disruptive habits include snoring, scrolling through a phone, getting up at night, and hogging the covers.

One out of five (21%), who currently share a bed with their partner, think they’ll sleep in different beds in the future.  That said, they’re still keeping the relationship.

The good news is, ‘sleep divorce’ isn’t the only way to improve the quality of your sleep.  Investing in a mattress, pillows and bedding made of comfortable and supportive (even individualized) materials can improve sleep for you and your partner,” says Laura Scott, of Avocado Green Mattress.  Well, of course she does.  They sell bedding.

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What do you enjoy doing when you have the house to yourself?

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