FRISKY FRIDAY FANATIC:  Guys, It May Be Time to Donate Those Navy Blue Bed Sheets
Guys:  It may be time to hang those navy blue bed sheets out to dry, for good.
On TikTok, they have been hung out to dry as a big dating mistake, and for a couple of years, now.  The hashtag #navysheets has over 700,000 views.
Comedian Mary Beth Barone recently noted on The Tonight Show, “This is is purely qualitative but I have found that there is a ‘common thread,’ among men who have navy sheets.  Much like joggers, oversized watches, and vaping, navy sheets can often be seen as an indicator of (bad)boy tendencies.”
It’s also noted that navy blue sheets can be used to hide stains; so they’re often associated with guys who do tend to be messy, eat or drink or spill in bed, and do not wash the bedding very often…  or ever.
Barone says that even if you are an adult male, who launders his sheets appropriately, just the fact that navy sheets have a reputation as the best for hiding stains means that having them on your bed isn’t really a welcoming look.
Most people trust white sheets, because they will reveal dirt or stains…  But they are easily bleached, washed, disinfected.  As the saying goes, “It all comes out in the wash.”
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