FRISKY FRIDAY FAITHFUL…  Eric Church:  Grateful For His Wife’s Unwavering Love

It’s not easy to be the woman-behind-the-superstar-man…  But one country great wants her to know he appreciates her.

Eric Church says he is grateful for his wife Katherine’s unwavering love and support, despite his ramblings.

True love to me is when you love a person in spite of all their fallibilities, and for me, I have a lot of ’em,” Eric reflects.  “I’m definitely at times hard to love, and that’s what’s great about Katherine and the way she loves me.”

She loves me in spite of those things and really for those things,” notes the “Springsteen” singer.  With “Man Made a Bar,” Eric and Morgan Wallen are approaching the top 10 of the country chart.  And, each one happens to be preparing to open a bar/venue in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

Eric will perform at events in Houston, Texas, and Bloomington, Illinois.

What is special about the way your partner loves you?

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