Neighbors Are Not Happy about a ‘Suggestive’ and ‘Vulgar’ Skeleton Couple Inflatable
– Where Kids Can See It

Halloween decorations have been known to cause some controversy, but this one is a little different.

The Goosh Skeleton Couple Inflatable shows a female-looking skeleton straddling a male-looking skeleton and some say it looks obscene.

It’s available for purchase on Amazon…  One happy buyer wrote a review:  “This is sturdy and easy to blow up.  I see people all day stopping to photograph them.”  Another person wrote, “This product is suggestive and vulgar.  Its association with a holiday that centers around children is offensive beyond measure.”

Perhaps the idea is to display it where only adults will see it.  Yep.

The inflatable stands at five-and-a-half-feet tall.  It comes with LED lights inside of it; so it’s visible all night long.

See the picture, here:  (Men’s Health)

  • An inflatable, outdoor Halloween decoration that shows one skeleton straddling another has some people up in arms– it’s available for purchase on Amazon
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