Elle King Offers Update after Concussion and Bout With Amnesia

A month after a nasty fall left Elle King with a concussion and amnesia, the country-rocker says she can finally laugh about it, now.

I’m doing a lot better,” says King, who lives in Nashville, with her fiance, Dan Tooker, and her 1-year-old daughter, Lucky.  “There’s something beautiful about this city and my friends and my music family, they all totally gathered around me and were all so supportive and showed up for me and helped me with the baby.”

In fact, it was her daughter’s late-night need for a bottle, which prompted King’s injury.  She recalls:  “I was walking down our steps in the middle of the night to make a bottle; and I slipped and knocked myself unconscious.”

King adds: “I can laugh now, because I’m doing a lot better, but it was a very intense thing.  They said I got amnesia and got post-concussion syndrome.”

[Pictured here:  Miranda Lambert (left) performs with Elle King (right)]

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