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EAT SMARTER NOT HARDER: Winter Images Make Us Crave THIS

Pile of snow in front of forest a sunny winter day
Study:  Wintry Scenes Trigger Evolutionary Craving for Calorie-Dense Food

You might want to avoid looking at a lovely snowy scene, or watching shows or movies which are set in cold climates.

Researchers from Iceland have found that people who watched a wintry video were more likely to fill in a word puzzle with words related to high-calorie foods.

The scientists say this suggests people link highly caloric foods – and survival – to winter environments.

It’s thought that humans have developed this response to protect us during periods of food scarcity.  And even though we no longer need to bulk up for the colder months, it’s an ancient instinct – for which our brains just haven’t yet developed a more appropriate response.

Devour more, here:  (Daily Mail)

  • A study finds that people are more likely to think about high-calorie foods after watching a video about wintry places
  • It’s thought this is a leftover survival instinct from long ago that our brains haven’t figured out how to override yet

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