Dierks Bentley Says Luke Bryan Has “Big Strong Farm Legs”

Dierks Bentley has apparently been checking out the legs on Luke Bryan.  

Bentley and Bryan did a 100-mile bike race last month in Jackson, Mississippi.  Dierks talked about it in a recent interview, and focused on the tight biking pants they wore.

Quote, “We strapped on the ‘old guys in tight clothing look’ [with] the lycra, big bike helmet, and glasses.  Not a look you want to be seen in.

“[But] when you’re six hours into it, you’re dead, giving all you have, and your pants are slowing you down and you’re like, ‘at this point I’d ride naked if it helped.’  You want it over and don’t want wind resistance.  [So] you’re there with the tight pants.”

So who won this crazy race?  Not Dierks.  He added, quote, “[Luke’s] surprisingly good.  He’s got those big strong legs . . . those farm legs . . . it’s like tree trunks pushing down on the pedals.  [So] yeah, he won.”

He’s thinking revenge, though.  Quote, “I got to get Luke out to my neck of the woods because he can’t handle the elevation in Colorado.  I could crush him there.”


The interview was with Katie Neal on Radio.com.  Listen to it, here.  

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