COUPLE GOALS for Each Step of the Relationship

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From, here are Couple Goals You Should Hit At Each Stage Of Your Relationship:

Couple goals to hit in your first 3 months of dating:
1. Get to know your partner’s inner ambitions.
2. Share music tastes.
3. Meet each other’s friends and family.
4. Travel for a fun date.
5. Visit your partner’s hometown (if it’s different than your own).

Couple goals to hit in your 6 months of dating:
1. Take a road trip together.
2. Go to a sporting event.
3. Support each other in something you’re working towards.
4. Work through an argument maturely.
5. Discuss expectations for sex.

Couple goals to hit in your 1 year of dating:
1. Go on a family vacation together.
2. Spend some time apart.
3. Enjoy someone else’s wedding together.
4. See your favorite artist in concert.
5. Celebrate your 1 year anniversary in a big way.

Couple goals to hit in your 2 years of dating:
1. Surprise each other with sentiments of your love.
2. Make decisions that will benefit you both.
3. Be a part of each other’s accomplishments.
4. Find joy in simple things.
5. Not needing to be reassured of their love all the time.

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