Chris Young Turned Down a Scholarship for THIS to Pursue a Country Music Career

Chris Young Turned Down A Jazz Scholarship To Chase His Country Music Dream

During an interview, country music star Chris Young, who’s known for his successful career in the genre, revealed that he is also a classically trained jazz musician.

Despite turning down a jazz scholarship to focus on country music, Young did participate in the NARAS GRAMMY Jazz choir during high school.  “Even if you’re singing country music, you want to sing correctly — you don’t want to blow your voice out or anything,” he shared, detailing how the training helped him elevate his vocals.  “It was something my parents allowed me to get started on when I was in High School.”

He credits his classical training for helping him become a better country artist and a more disciplined professional.

Fans can hear the results of his training on his latest album, “Young Love & Saturday Nights.”

Looking back on your education, what really helped you to be better at your current job?

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