Chris Young:  ‘I’m On My Ninth Album, I Don’t Feel Any Nervousness’

Country artist Chris Young has recently completed his ninth album, “Young Love & Saturday Nights,” which he describes as one of the best albums he’s ever made.

It features 18 tracks, showcasing a range of emotions and experiences, from introspective, to raucous to anthemic.

Young says he drew inspiration from his own life experiences, to make the songs relatable to listeners, worldwide.

Collaborating with talented songwriters, including a posthumous credit to David Bowie, for a guitar riff on the title track, Young has crafted a record he’s immensely proud of:  “I mean, it’s done, I’ve created something I think is amazing.  I’ve done all the work, it exists, it is what it is; I love it, and I just hope everyone else loves it; there’s no reason to worry over that, because it’s done.

What has been your best work so far?

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