Carpe Diem:  Man Captures 42-Pound Fish After He Saw a Carp in the Sky  
After the long Labor Day weekend, lots of folks have funny stories to tell, here in the states.  But this one happened “across the pond.” 
Duncan Jefferys, from North Wales, says he was about ready to give up on his fishing trip, when he looked up to the heavens, and saw a carp-shaped cloud.  The next day, he caught a 42-pound carp.

Jefferys was on a week-long trip in France; where he says he did not have any luck…   That is, until, on his last night, the omen in the sky gave him hope.  He decided to “seize the day,” or “carpe diem,” for his last day.

I thought, this could be the carp gods showing me a sign,” Jefferys said.  The next morning, he landed the huge catch.  “The colour of the carp was exactly the same as the cloud in the sky, it was amazing really.”

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