Source: YouTube

In Carly Pearce’s new video for “What He Didn’t Do,” you see her gradually walk into the ocean wearing a long wedding dress, then she takes a swim underwater. She makes it look easy, but she tells us that wasn’t the case at all:

“It was me. The whole video is me. I underestimated how difficult it would be to swim underwater with a large wedding dress on. It was really, really crazy to feel the weight of that, but I feel like it almost helped me to get it into the character some. It scared me because at times, you know, you think, oh, I know how to swim. But when you feel that kind of weight really pulling you down it’s quite scary. But those scenes of me coming out of the water, I mean, if you look, my dress is broken on the sleeve, and that was actually what really happened just because of the wear and tear of what I was doing. But that was one of the harder things I think I’ve done, physically, and honestly, the mental game of that was pretty hard.”