KID NEWS: 8-Year-Old Becomes ‘Published’ Author – ‘By His Self’

8-Year-Old Sneaks Self-Made Comic Book onto Library Shelf – Becomes Popular “Published” Author
An impressive 8-year-old, who just self-published his own comic book, got very creative about promoting it.

Dillon Helbig snuck a copy of his DIY comic, The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis, by “Dillon His Self,” onto a shelf at Lake Hazel’s Ada Community Library.  Now locals are clamoring for it.

His 81-page comic book details an exploding star placed on a Christmas tree, and time travel back to the first Thanksgiving, among other things.

When his mom discovered what he’d done, she called the library, to make sure no one threw the book away.

Thank goodness, it was still there!  With Helbig’s permission, a librarian catalogued the book as a graphic novel, and officially made it part of their collection.  It’s now a library offering for their Boise, Idaho, community.

AND:  There’s now a waiting list for the book.

Dillon says he’s now working on a sequel comic book – as well as a book about a closet that eats jackets.

Check out more, here:  (Newser)

  • An 8-year-old in Idaho snuck his 81-page DIY comic book onto a library shelf, and now the library has made it an official library offering – it even has a wait list
  • So he now plans a sequel comic book & a book about a closet which eats jackets!

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