Bears Season Open Versus the Pack at Home – Which Fans Are Fighters in the Stands?
Fans across the nation are gearing up for the start of the new NFL season.  With the Chicago Bears hoping to grind out a gridiron win against the Green Bay Packers, today, in their first regular season game, Oddspedia wanted to find out what’s more important – your friends or your football team?
Here, in the Windy City, it seems like Game Day is a path for stormy friendships.  In a study of 3000 die-hard NFL fans, Chicago Bears’ supporters came third as the biggest bruisers in the league.
You might not want to mess with Bears’ supporters given that they are almost three more likely to end up in a physical showdown over football, than the average NFL fan.
The frequent fighters Chicago Bears’ are a forgiving bunch though – 8 in 10 fans are able to get over a brawl in just a couple of days.
The study also revealed:
  • Arizona Cardinals’ fans are the biggest brawlers in the league. They are 8 times more likely than the average NFL fan to end up in a physical showdown over football.
  • Houston Texans’ fans came second for fighting; they are four times more likely to end up in fisticuffs
  • Most NFL fans get over a row or fight within a day – but 16% carry a grudge for a week or more after a brawl
  • Minnesota Vikings’ have the most forgiving fanbase, 97.7% of their ranks stating they can squash a verbal dispute and 90.2%, a physical fight, within a day
  • Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens have lost the most friends over football – 16% of Cardinals and 7.9% of Raven fans say they’ve cut ties with a mate

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