A Stranger Pays for a Man’s Groceries – Now They’re ‘Friends for Life’
I Got You‘:  A Stranger Stepped Up to Pay for a Man’s Groceries after His Card Got Declined – Now The 2 Are ‘Friends for Life
And it all started with a simple “hello.”  When Jason James Boudreaux‘s card was declined at a grocery store checkout, the man standing behind him stepped up to help him out.

In a Facebook post, Boudreaux described the encounter that led him to making a new friend “for life.”

According to Yahoo News, Boudreaux said he had deposited his paycheck about an hour before he headed to the grocery store; and since he rarely deposits checks, he didn’t realize the funds wouldn’t be available yet.  Standing in line, he said hello to the man standing behind him.

As Boudreaux tried to pay for his groceries, his card was declined, and that’s when the kind stranger stepped up and said, “I got you.”

I told him, ‘Hey, what are you talking about?  I can’t let you do that, that’s too much,” Boudreaux said, then added:  “But he insisted, and kept saying, ‘I got you.’  When I told him I would pay him back, he said, ‘No, you don’t have to.'”

Boudreaux then asked to take a photo with the stranger and later posted it to Facebook to thank and find him.  See it, HERE.  According to the page, it happened in New Iberia, Louisiana…  That’s where my great-grandmother was born.  🙂     Good people.

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