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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Wanna Lose Weight? Do THIS One Little Thing, Each Day

…Work out at the same time as the day before.

A recent study reveals that working out at a specific time each day can help you lose weight.  And the reason is simple.  People who schedule their workouts and make it a routine are less likely to skip a day.


If you’re ready to burn off some of that quarantine weight you gained this year, then work out at a specific time, each day…  This little tweak might make a big difference.

Researchers from Brown Alpert Medical School tracked 375 people who exercised on a regular basis.  And the ones who always worked out at the same time each day tended to be in better shape.

So why was that the case?  Well, it’s simple.  When you schedule your workouts and make it a routine, you’re far less likely to SKIP workouts.

People who worked out at a set time ended up exercising more overall each week, and were more likely to stay at a healthy weight.

Time of day doesn’t matter as long as you’re consistent.  So working out in the morning, mid-day, or at night shouldn’t make a difference.

But that said, they found that 48% of people who DO work out at a specific time each day are early-morning exercisers.

Get the skinny, here:  (Obesity Society / NY Post)

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