WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  WCCQ Helps You Wake Up Happier  Here’s How.

Listening to your Favorite Music:  Research Shows WCCQ Helps You Wake Up Happier

One of the Top Ten Things That Help Us Wake Up – Glad You’re Here at WCCQ!

Do you ever feel like a zombie on your way to work, like you’re not fully awake yet?  A new poll reveals that it takes the average person, like you or me, an hour and a half, to really wake up each morning.

And Mondays are the hardest.

Here are the top ten early-morning habits which help us wake up:

1.  Drinking coffee.

2.  Brushing your teeth.

3.  Taking a shower.

4.  Washing your face with cold water.

5.  Turning lights on.

6.  Drinking a glass of water.

7.  Watching TV.

8.  Scrolling through social media.

9.  Going for a walk.

10.  Listening to music…  right here, on 98.3 WCCQ – Today’s Country & the Legends.  You’re welcome!  😉

Get even happier, here:  (The Sun)


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