If you’re in a managerial position, you’ll have to be mindful of your workers, if you want to be viewed as fair.

University of Notre Dame researchers have found that supervisors, who focus on their employees’ needs, are more likely to adhere to justice rules; compared to those who are motivated by self-interest.

Researcher Cindy Muir explains, “Compared with supervisors who are considered to be self-interested, those perceived to be pro-socially motivated are regarded as fairer, even after accounting for how much they adhere to traditional justice best practices.  And when justice is low, employees will give them the benefit of the doubt.”  In other words:  if a supervisor, who is usually viewed as a fair-minded person, has an off day and does something unfair, employees are less likely to judge that person as “unfair.”

There’s more to evaluate, here:  (EurekAlert!)

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