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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Get Happier – LOWER Your Expecations or RAISE Them?

Close-up of a woman laughing, covering her mouth with her hand.
Study:  Lowering Your Expectations a Little Could Make You Happier

If you want to feel happier it may be as simple as lowering your expectations—but not too much.

University College London researchers have found that when players of a game lower their expectations, it increases the likelihood of a positive surprise.  But the key is to not constantly lower expectations; and, instead, to find the right balance.

The researchers note that high expectations seem to be a big problem in terms of happiness.  They suggest that, for example, it “is not a good idea to tell a friend they will love the gift you are about to give them,” as it raises expectations and removes surprise.

Lift more, here:  (DailyMail)

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