WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER on your Spring Cleaning:  Don’t Make 4 Dangerous Mistakes

Ever since pandemic made us more aware of contagions than ever before, cleaning our workspace and home-space has become less of an option and more of a way of life.  But it’s possible to get seriously hurt from serious cleaning; so, you’ll want to avoid any of these dangerous cleaning mistakes:

1.  Don’t mix cleaning products.  Mixing cleaning products is dangerous, especially using a product which contains bleach, right before or after using one which contains acids or ammonia (many common cleaning products contain one or the other).  Do not combine these.  If you think that has happened, you may need medical help.

Mixing them can cause coughing, eye irritation, nausea, wheezing, or even KILL YOU.

2.  Don’t spread germs around with a dirty rag or mop.  If you dip the same cloth or mop in a bucket of soapy water, wring it out, and use it over and over again, you might be making your house dirtier.  So after you clean each area, throw any dirty rags into the washing machine on hot, then into the dyer on the high setting.  If you can’t do that, boil rags and let them air dry.  Toss paper towels.

3.  Don’t use aerosol sprays.  Lots of cleaning products release compounds into the air, which can irritate your respiratory tract.  But aerosol products are even worse.  And it’s especially bad to use them when a respiratory virus is going around.

4.  Do open the windows.  It’s important to ventilate the area you’re cleaning, especially if it’s a small, enclosed space.  You’ll want to open any windows and run a fan if you need to.

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