WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Coffee Maker Reservoir = Dirtiest Spot in Kitchen – Here’s Why

Clean your kitchen pretty often?  Whether at work, or at home, it’s probably not as tidy as you think; especially on the inside.

AND:  If you’ve never washed out the reservoir of your coffee maker, you could be creating a kind of a Petri dish.

According to a new study, it could be one of the dirtiest things on the counter.  And it could, potentially, cause allergic reactions or infections.  Scientists caution:  It doesn’t matter if it’s got a pot, or makes single servings.

The National Sanitation Foundation International reveals that more than half of the water reservoirs they tested were covered in mold and yeastColiform bacteria were also detected.

Whether single serve or pot, Delish points out that boiling water or vinegar could do the disinfecting.  On the outside, give a pass with Clorox wipes, or spray-bleach cleaner, on a paper towel.

If you clean with sponges, make sure they’re disinfected daily – whether with boiling water or the dishwasher (set on “sanitize“).

Otherwise, the device that gives life to your mornings could almost kill ya.


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