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Woman Waters Plant for 2 Years – Then Learns…

You have got to love (certainly laugh at) this story:  A woman has spent the last two years watering and nurturing a plant — only to find out that it’s fake.

Caelie Wilkes, who shared her embarrassing story on Facebook – got to love her for that – says she’d probably still be watering the succulent, had she not decided to move it to a new pot.  You know, to let it expand its roots, and um, grow

“I decided it was time to transplant,” Wilkes says.  “I found the cutest vase.  I go to pull it from the original plastic container…”

That’s when she realized it:  The plant she’d been caring for was actually green plastic, stuck in a styrofoam base, with sand glued onto that.

Her silly story has gone viral.  Thousands have shared Wilkes’s tale, including a higher-up at Home Depot.  She says the home improvement chain has since sent her a real succulent, to actually take care of.

[I looooove her.  These are my fake succulent plants, in the picture – same kind.  I switched to artificial, a long time ago, because of a sweet little cat, who would tear apart all my real flowers and plants.  One time, a friend came to watch the cat, and watered all my pots…  LOL  It happens to the best of us!  ~ Mo ]

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